Failing my "Femme" Inspection

i'm still away from home with Diane to attend a family graduation event.  We're going to stay for an extra day or two but i do have a chance to write a little bit.  Staying with relatives (at their insistence) puts a little damper on our lifestyle, but there's still enough privacy to satisfy most all of the basic requirements of my contract with Diane.  She's even insisted that i help out our hosts domestically as much as possible!

The requirement that i wear at least four articles of feminine clothing for our trip was an interesting exercise.  When i was done dressing Diane asked me what the four items were that i had selected.  When i told her that i had chosen a sports bra (i thought a regular bra would be more noticeable under my navy blue golf shirt), panties, pantyhose and a ladies belt, i got a very disapproving look.

"Stop trying to by cute about it.  The ladies' belt doesn't count.  You're just trying to get away with something" She said.  Walking into our closet, She took a pink women's polo shirt off a hanger and threw it my way.  "Put this on."  She must have been reading my mind when She also said "And the belt stays on too."

i ended up with five articles of femme clothing instead of four!

Diane said i had "failed my femme inspection" and not to let it happen again.  She had a smile on her face and was very pleasant about it though, seemingly content that i was finally dressed properly for our trip and that She had some input into it!