Sissy Necessities

Many years ago when i was a senior in college and ready to take on the world and enter the job market, the guys in our graduating class were treated to a presentation by the owner of a local men's clothing store.  It was a pretty informative session that covered the basics of proper business dress and how to start building a wardrobe that would help you be successful in the business world.

Of course, it was a pretty good marketing ploy for the guy's shop.  He provided everyone with a discount voucher on their first purchase which for many was the mandatory blue blazer!  The "must haves" included the blue suit, some grey slacks to go with the blue blazer, white shirts, etc.   The college graduation I attended with Diane this weekend brought back many memories, and this little story was one of them.

Which brings me to today's "sissy" topic.  While waiting at the airport i decided to check the news on my laptop and respond to a few personal emails.  As is the norm, i tend to surf around after getting my news fill and seem to gravitate more to some sites than others (i'm sure web marketers have a pretty good idea what sissies are attracted to).  So yesterday, i found this little gem from Glamour.com that should be of interest to those of us who enjoy some feminine finery once and awhile and tend to be a little fashion conscious:

"10 Dresses Every Woman Should Own"

My personal favorite?  The little white dress with the red pumps and matching accessories!