Some Deep Sissy Feelings

i feel very feminine today.  More so than usual.  i've gotten all dressed up from head to toe just to do housework and some ironing.  That includes makeup, wig, some jewelry, etc.  The whole works.  After i get done with all my housework i'd love to throw caution to the wind and just go out and do some shopping while dressed this way.

i might change to something a little more casual and more in line with what an attractive middle aged woman might wear while running a few errands.  Maybe a nice pleated skirt, some heels, pantyhose, sweater, blonde wig, sunglasses and a matching purse.  I'd love to capture a few glances but not too many.  That would be way to risky. 

Shopping while dressed en femme poses another challenge at times for some cd's.  Unless your paying in cash, you have to use your credit and debit card which has your male name on it.  i don't really have that problem.  Although i spell my sissy name as "terri", my real name is Terry.  It's one of those unisex names that, when you have a lifestyle like mine, certainly has its advantages.

There's a reason i feel very femme today.  It's something that's been brewing for the past couple of months and i haven't discussed it here because i felt a little silly.  i just brought it up to Diane this weekend and only when we were discussing our summer plans.  She was asking me when Ken (my old 'boyfriend') was going to be around.  After telling Her when i thought he'd be in town, i came clean and told Her about the reason for my feeling so femme today.

i go to the gym nearly every day, and usually around the same time.  Naturally, i tend to see many of the same people who follow similar routines.  There's been one man who always seems to be there around the same time as me.  We've never really talked much, but just exchanged some hello's or waves, more out of courtesy than anything else.  Or so I thought. 

The last few weeks i've caught him looking over at me a few times and our eyes sort of met if you know what i mean.  The last couple of times i actually felt myself blushing.  He's a good looking man, tall (maybe about 6'3" and 210 lbs), muscular, clean cut, greying hair and probably in his late 50's or early 60's.   Last week,  i was away on business for a couple of days and when i returned on Friday he actually approached me in said "I missed you the last couple of days.  Nice to see you back.  I'm Jake."  He extended his hand and i did the same.  We shook hands, his grip so much stronger than mine. 

i introduced myself to him and we talked a little bit.  While i was doing so i couldn't help but notice him sort of checking me out, glancing at my smooth legs.  i used to wear long sweat pants or something similar because of my smooth legs but have since stopped doing that.  As he glanced, i could feel myself blushing again.  He was just finishing his workout and was getting ready to head out.  "I'm sure we'll see each other again.  Nice meeting you" he said with a wink.  "Same here.  Really nice to meet you" I told him.   After i said it, i worried that it sounded stupid.  i seemed to put emphasis on the word "really" and wondered what he thought.  i felt like he was almost "flirting" with me, but maybe i was misreading the whole thing.  i couldn't get Jake off my mind the rest of the day.

i ran into Jake again this morning at the gym.  i hadn't seen him earlier in the week and thought i would approach him and say hello and probably let him know that i noticed he wasn't around.  When i did, he smiled and said that he and his wife were out of town for a couple of days to attend a funeral but was back to his regular routine.  Then, he surprised me by asking if i were going to be around tomorrow and if i'd like to get a coffee after the workout!   "Sure, that would be great" i told him.  We agreed to meet at the gym tomorrow at our regular time and head out for coffee after.

So right now, my mind is on overdrive.  i can't be misreading this thing can i?  Even if i'm not, and Jake is bi and attracted to me, i'm scared to break the ice about my fem side.  Some men are totally turned off by things like that.  i certainly have to be careful and tread carefully here.  i'm nervous as can be, but excited at the same time.  No wonder i feel so girly today!