Cuckold Day?

I'm headed out of town this morning and back tomorrow.   Diane hasn't been in a very talkative mood the past couple of days but She did perk up a little last night after talking with Brian for a short while.  i didn't ask if they were getting together tonight while i was gone, but She volunteered a little bit of information a little while later, saying that Brian would be in town tomorrow but wasn't sure if he'd be able to stay late into the evening or overnight.

Maybe it's me but the call from Brian seemed to perk her up a little, put Her in a better mood.  There were a few giggle during the call, some laughter and a smile on her face when i looked over once.  i feel strange saying this but i'm happy for Her.  i wonder if She'll be just as happy for me if i find someone special also.  i'm not saying that in a bad sense at all, it's just something that i wonder about. 

i'm happy that Brian's call put Diane in a better mood.  Last night She had me go upstairs first and wait for Her in bed with "something pretty on."  i love those types of orders from Her.  They put me in a submissive and feminine mood immediately.  i pranced upstairs and took the bed down and took forever to decide which nightgown i wanted to wear.  i decided on a very short peach colored nightgown with matching panties that had a hint of lace around the legs and a little bow on the front waist.

It's a nightgown that i've had for a very long time.  Years and years.  One of the first Diane actually bought me.  It's so pretty, with layers and layers of chiffon type material.  When i wear it, which isn't often, Diane always likes to call me Her "princess."  Last night was no different.  As She took out her strap-on and put it on, She said to me "Get ready princess.  I'm going to make love to you."

i was ready, and She did.