Flying "More Femme"

i leave with Diane today for about 5 days.  We're going to a niece's college graduation and will be flying out tomorrow.  The graduation is this weekend and we'll be spending some time with family. 

This morning, Diane told me that tomorrow i need to wear four items of feminine clothing for our flight out.   At first, i was shocked and incredulous about this demand.  Four items is quite a bit to wear without bring unnecessary attention to myself.  Diane told me i was making way too big a deal out of it and was worrying for nothing.  "I bet you could get by with more items than that and nobody would even bat an eye" She said.  

She proceeded to suggest several things i could wear in various combinations that would amount to four items.  Some of the things she mentioned were bra, panties, pantyhose, garter belt, thigh highs, ladies oxford or golf shirt, ladies slacks or jeans, ladies socks, a chemise, a girdle, etc.  There was more on the list but i can't remember.  She's correct (again), and i should be able to get the four items without much of a problem.

Wednesday night was an interesting one.  Brian did hook up with Diane, but couldn't stay very long.  When i spoke with Her later that evening, She said even though the time with Brian was short, it was still worth it.  "I still wish you were here tonight though.  I like being with Brian, but there's something special about having you there after he leaves" She said.  "Makes it feel more like I'm cuckolding you."  Those last words got me hard.

Also, i got up the courage to call Jake and am glad i did.  We're meeting for coffee next Thursday and i'm now sure this is going to work out.  We couldn't talk long but i finally asked him what made him approach me at the gym.  He in turn asked me if i was glad he did.  "Of course" i said, then realizing how i probably sounded a little too giddy about it.  "Well, I'm a little embarrassed to say this" he said "but I'd been looking you over for awhile and, well, was intrigued by your legs."

Wow was all I could think.  There was silence and i finally told him that now i was the one who was embarrassed, blushing too.  "Good" he said, "now I don't feel so bad."

i think this thing with Jake might work out after all.  Now i just have to decide what i am going to wear this afternoon!

See you next week :)