The Cuckold Call

I just returned from my short business trip.  There were no issues at airport security which caused me great relief.  I just couldn't help from feeling nervous as I went through the scanner and waited while my luggage was scanned.  On my return home this afternoon, the woman operating the scanner seemed to take a very long time with my luggage, but finally let it through.  It wasn't until I had it in my hand and was walking towards my gate that I felt a sense of relief.

There was plenty of anxiety last night though.  Before I left, I had specific instructions to call Diane on Wednesday night at 6:25 PM.  She was very specific about the time.  My call was likely to come when she was in bed at home with her lover Brian.  I was to call her on her cell and talk to her like I normally would.

Diane's plan was to use the call as evidence to Brian that I was still "clueless" about their relationship and to help relieve any anxiety he might have about my finding out about their affair and time together.  She wants him to feel more comfortable and not have to worry about anything.  As part of the plan, Diane gave me a handful of questions I was to ask her when I called and of course, I was to tell her that I loved her before I hung up, and she would do the same.  She would call me later in the evening after Brian left to let me know how it went.

From my end,  thought I did pretty well given the circumstances.  I was anxious about it.  Here I was alone in my hotel room asking my wife how her day went, what time she got home, what she was doing for dinner, how I missed her and how much I loved her.  Diane said she had a great day at work, had actually gotten home early and wasn't sure what her plans for dinner were.  "I miss you too" she said and before we said our farewells, she told me she loved me.

I do love her.  Very, very, very much.  But carrying on  like that was difficult, wondering in what state of undress I had found her, what she and Brian were doing when the phone rang and whether or not he was so close to her so that he could hear both ends of our conversation.

Much later last night when Diane finally called me, she shared with me that when I called, the two of them were laying in bed and had just finished their first round of lovemaking.  She told me the call seemed to serve its intended purpose, proof to Brian that I suspected nothing and he indeed had nothing to worry about.  "He was even better the second time around, after your call" she told me.

Even though I was several hundred miles away, I never felt more like a cuckold as I did then.