Some New Rules

Diane doesn't read the blog on a daily basis and there are times when She may not look at it for a week or so.  Yesterday afternoon she spent some time on Her computer looking at mine and other blogs and came away with a few "rules" She wants to implement and several other suggestions about how i'm doing things.  First, the rules.

As you probably already noticed, Diane wants me to capitalize all pronouns that refer to Her, and to use lower case letters when referring to myself, such as when the word "i" is used.  i began doing that immediately in the first paragraph here.  She's going to monitor it closely and hinted at some sort of punishment if i mess up.  i asked Her why She was insisting on this and where She had found the idea.  Her answer to the first question was "Because I can.  That's all you need to know."  She said She had seen it on a few other blogs with Dominants and submissives and thought it only seemed natural.

The second new rule She wants to put into effect is that i will be required to respond to all comments.  She finds it a little rude that some pretty "cool" comments go by without my personal acknowledgment.  Further, She thinks that it is outright disrespectful for me to  not acknowledge a comment from a Dominant man or woman with a "thank you" comment and some follow up. 

What really set Her off on this was my post "Dressing Like a Lady" that received a comment from Mistress Scarlett, a wonderful Domme who has a blog of Her own called "Real Life Female Domination."  Let me publicly apologize to Mistress Scarlett here for not responding to the comment.  i've also added Her blog to  my own blog list.  Please make sure to stop by and pay her site a visit. 

The last item that was mandated, but not necessarily a "rule", was to give Her access to posting on the blog.  i'm going to do that as soon as i can figure out how.  She's not promising to post or anything, but told me there were a couple of times where She wanted to clarify a couple of things that i had written with Her own viewpoint. 

There were a few other suggestions, mostly cosmetic that i will implement over time.  One was that my blog listings could be categorized a little better.  i agree with that and had been thinking about it recently.  As an example, She suggested i should have blogs written by submissives and "sissies like yourself" grouped together.  Blogs by Dominants would be in a separate section, as would fashion blogs, cuckold blogs, etc.  Sometimes that is difficult because blogs can fall into a couple or more categories.  i'm going to work on it and will try to do a better job.

Another suggestion was to solicit more feedback from my readers.  i also think that's a good idea.  Suggestions that fit into the overall topic of this blog might be helpful.  i am here to tell my story, but if there are ways that it can be done better, i am certainly open to listening.  So feel free to offer suggestions either here through comments, or via email.

Finally, there was one more directive from Diane.  i was told to wear a long legged panty girdle today - all day.  That particular order really came out of the blue.  i didn't do it disrespectfully, but i did ask her why.  "Because I can order you to do that" she laughed.  She then revealed her real motive - she thought my ass looked a little plump the other night.  "Slim down to your required weight and you won't have to wear the girdle."

Well, i weighed myself this morning and i'm down to the required weight, with a pound to spare. However, I have the long legged girdle on anyway.   Just following orders!