Sissies & Airport Security

I have an early morning flight tomorrow for a quick overnight business trip.  Just my laptop and a carry on piece of luggage.  Before I retired, such things were commonplace and I could pack in a matter of minutes and be done with it.  Now that my lifestyle as changed, things are going to take a little longer.

Diane wants to check what I have packed tonight when she gets home.  Normally, even though the flight is relatively early, I would still throw things together in the morning before leaving.  Now, Diane will review what I'm packing for lingerie, a nightie and other things and won't let me go unless everything meets her approval. 

Scanning machines in airports are very capable of making determining what's in a piece of luggage beyond those things which are prohibited.  If the agent doing the scanning sees something interesting in there, he or she may just flag the luggage so that it is open and the contents looked at.  Diane has already told me that at a minimum I'll need to have two pairs of panties, a bra, pantyhose and a nightie in my luggage for this trip; all things a woman would have for a one night stay. 

I know the likelihood of my luggage being searched is not that great, especially if I don't have anything illegal in it, but the thought of someone going through it and seeing a bra, panties, etc. has me very anxious.  I'm not very good at appearing nonchalant about such scenes and if it happens, the embarrassment and humiliation I feel is going to be very evident.