A Sissy Spanking

"I owe my sissy a spanking."

The words were Jake's and not Diane's.  They were spoken early last evening when Jake confirmed our next "date" on Friday afternoon at his place.  The immediately aroused me and i've been thinking about it ever since.

It's been a long tine since i was over his lap. Probably more than two years when, during our first fling together, he would periodically experience some of his more dominant moods.  This time he's not only more dominant but more consistent about it.

i asked him what i'd done to deserve the spanking and he simply told me he would tell me on Friday when we saw each other.  i can't think of anything i've done and if i've done something to upset him, i'm sure it's quite minor.  Perhaps, i've not done anything at all and he just feels like spanking me.  Or maybe, he'll make up some minor infraction that i'm guilty of and use that as an excuse.

He doesn't need an excuse.  I think he knows that.  Being made to take your place over another man's
lap and accept his punishment is a very submissive act.  Doing that is just as sexually stimulating, or perhaps even more so than the spanking itself.

The spanking makes all else that follows it even better.

Unlike the previous spanking at the hands of Jake, this time i'll be locked in my CB-3000.  Before, my penis, even though it may have been encased in some panties was free to experience the excitement of what was happening.  This time my penis won't be free.  It will be a first for me.


sissy terri