A Sissy's Thanksgiving Break

With our daughters here for Thanksgiving our lifestyle has to take a bit of a break.  After a brief discussion last night, Diane agreed that the CB-3000 should be tucked safely and securely way until they're gone on Sunday.  No need to have to risk having to explain anything.

My submission to Diane doesn't change though.  Sure, the clothing i wear around the house won't be the same with the exception of my panties, but all else remains the same.

It's a break from the regular routine but not necessarily a welcome one.  i grown into my role as Diane's wife and enjoy it.  i've accepted who i am and who Diane is and in all honesty, it's brought pleasure to both of us.  i'm also surprised at how easily i've become accustomed to being in chastity.  Last night, Diane suggested that i sleep with my CB-3000 on since i wouldn't be wearing it for a few days.  i did and it wasn't that bad.  The discomfort was less that i had experienced the last time i tried to do it and what little there was served as a reminder of my status.

i hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  i'll try to post something over the weekend when i have some free time alone.  Until then, here are a few pictures that i posted on my tumblr sites.  Pictures that kind of make me thankful that i've accepted my role as a submissive sissy wife :)

As i mentioned earlier...acceptance of who you are is so important.

Aren't ruffled panties the quintessential sissy garment?

And when it comes to petticoats, i hope they make a huge comeback soon!


sissy terri