A Sissy on Short Notice

It's been a far busier week than i anticipated for both Diane and i.  It's left us both a little grumpy.  Diane's especially cranky because Her Wednesday afternoon rendezvous with Paul had to be postponed.  She's hoping to see him this weekend sometime.  i hope She does.  It puts Her in a better mood after She's "been with a real man."  Those are Her words, and i'm in agreement.

i also haven't seen much of Jake, though we are meeting at his place tomorrow afternoon.  Like a good sissy, since he's given me a key, i'll be there early to do my housecleaning and wait for him.

Maybe Jake wants to see me as a schoogirl?
This second time around with Jake seems to be working out better.  Even though i worry that this just might be one of his moods where he craves the attention of another man, only to lose interest for several months before it crops up again, this time he does seem much more dominant and aggressive than he was before. 

For example, he's going to let me know via email tomorrow morning how he wants me dressed.  i told him it give me short notice to prepare but he just responded that "sissies have to learn to adjust quickly to their Master's needs."  That's a far cry from the way he would have acted last year!  He could be just trying to make me happy, but i do get a sense that he really enjoys taking charge and using me for his pleasure. 

It certainly works for me :)

Now, i'm left wondering what i'll be wearing for him tomorrow!


sissy terri