More Sissy Outfits

Busy day today running around doing errands for Diane and a couple of other appointments.  i'm also going to be cooking a casual dinner for Diane and Her friend Linda tonight.  Linda knows most all, so seeing me in an apron won't be a big shock for her. 

Before you get the wrong idea, when Linda's around there isn't any kinky sex or anything like that.  The most "erotic" thing that could happen is a bit of teasing by either one of them.  However, at least i can be myself. 

Here's a little follow up on yesterday's post featuring some uber or super sissy outfits.  Here are a few things i received from an "admirer" of mine.  He lives thousands of miles away but always tells me what a wonderful sissy i am and how much he'd like me to serve him.

He tells me he would love to see me modeling these outfits for him. 

He obviously has a fondness for the sissy maid look....

And the bridal thing.....

And the "over-the-top-sissy" outfits too!

Well "Master W" i would definitely enjoy modeling these for you as well...xox

Gotta run.  Time to start planning dinner for the girls!


sissy terri