Staying Feminine

Things that used to feel so different, out of the ordinary, immediately arousing, somewhat humiliating and even kinky now come so naturally as my submission to Diane and acceptance of the role as Her "wife" are rather routine.

Even chastity, which is a very new thing for us, is now just another part of the daily list of expectations i have to follow.  Unless otherwise instructed, or when i got to bed at night, the CB-3000 is expected to be on.  Perhaps the ease with which this has happened is because i was already a "very well trained" submissive as Diane would like to take credit for.

One requirement which i happen to enjoy is that i keep my body smooth, especially my legs.  Diane is a stickler for this and is quick to point out if She spots some unsightly hair on any part of my legs.  It doesn't happen to often because, i love the feeling of very smooth legs.  It's just another thing that makes me feel submissive and feminine.

Diane's out and about for a little while this afternoon.  She's supposed to stop by and see Paul who happens to be on call this weekend.  Their weekends aren't back on their regular schedules yet because of some "switching" they had to do with other people.  He sent Diane a text earlier today letting Her know when he'd be "available"; meaning they would have some privacy.

Just before She left i headed out to the gym and upon my return took a nice hot shower, during which
i carefully shaved my legs.  i could have gone another day or two, but i love the silky smooth feeling when i'm done.

i also love "staying feminine", whether it's watching my weight, plucking my eyebrows or staying smooth.  i'm also a little excited because Diane told me to expect to have to serve Her when She gets home later this afternoon.  Her time with Paul, during which they're not likely to make love due to the time they have and where they'll be, will no doubt leave Her excited.

i'm happy She still counts on me to pleasure Her.  i love the anticipation of it too.  Perhaps She'll notice my smooth and sexy legs and compliment me on them :)


sissy terri