"Licking" While Locked

Diane absolutely detests the term "licking" when it comes to the attention i pay to Her privates.  i'm been corrected every time i use it, sometimes the correction is more severe than others.  i've been trained to use the term She prefers; the correct term which of course is "worship."

However today, in an effort to promote some alliteration and assonance to my literary endeavors, i've been granted an "exception" by the powers-that-be.  In other words, Diane said i could use the term "licking" in the title of this post. 

It's not always this bad!
Since my CB-3000 arrived, Diane's discovered just how much She enjoys having Her pussy worshiped while my own private parts are safely secured.  While my "clitty" is caged, Her vulva and vagina are void of any such restrictions.

With Paul being absent from the scene longer than She'd like, Diane's made use of my lips, tongue, mouth and face more than usual.  Each time, my own excitement has been carefully compacted and confined to the cramped conditions of my cage.  Ouch.

i left a comment at the blog Under Contract to My Wife where Mick, the submissive, wrote about licking his Mistress as she recounted the time she had spent with her lover earlier that day.  Diane loves to talk to me as i do my own worship while never expecting (or allowing) a response from me.  i've tried to interject but have been told to just keep worshiping.  Her teasing talk continues until She's just about ready to explode into an orgasm.  The lull in Her chatter indicates She's focusing on the orgasm to come.

In the meantime Her caged cuckold, continues to lovingly lick.......oops....i mean worship :)


sissy terri