Chastity in Public

Diane and i attended a retirement dinner last night.  It was a combination celebration/roast of an esteemed colleague of mine who spent many years as a credit to his profession.  His departure was rather sudden considering his position and the many responsibilities he has.  His decision was his own and driven by his ultimate dedication to family.

For me, it was an an opportunity to chat with many colleagues i haven't seen in awhile and to wish the guest of honor a long and fulfilling retirement.  It was also kind of a melancholy.  Having retired relatively early in life from a profession that for the most part, bestows prestige and accomplishment upon those who remain well into their 60's and beyond, i felt a tinge of sadness.  How many people walk away when they're at the cusp of the peak of their profession?  By the same token, how many people have the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy that they've had for most of their lives?

i was greeted by many people curious to know how and what i was doing.  Questions like what i was doing with all my free time now, how my consulting business was doing, etc.  When Diane was close by She would often answer for me by just saying She was keeping me busy at home with a "honey do list."  It got a few chuckles.

Overall, the evening was kind of awkward for several reasons.  First of all, Paul was in attendance.  Even though he sat at our table (without his wife) we didn't socialize that much, nor did we go out of our way to avoid each other.  But sitting across from my Wife's lover who also happens to know that i'm submissive to Her and thinks i don't know that they're screwing around can be a little awkward. 

i also happened to be wearing my CB-3000 and was self-conscious about it.  It wasn't a formal event, more business casual than anything else.  i wore a blazer, button down shirt and dress slacks but felt that the CB was noticeable through my slacks.  i asked Diane if i could take it off before leaving and She dismissed the idea as silly, saying i was being paranoid for no reason.  i was nervous about if throughout the evening.  The worst part was when i got a hug from a few women i hadn't seen in quite a while.  One time, i swear one woman got close enough to me so that her inner thigh pressed against the CB.  i thought she gave me kind of a weird look.

Finally, i was bothered by that fact that Diane appeared indifferent to the possibility that someone could possibly realize i was wearing a chastity belt.  Again, She dismissed this idea as total paranoia and silliness on my part, saying that anyone brushing up against my CB might laugh it off and think it was just my being a little "excited."  Unlikely.  There's a big difference between an erection and a piece of hard plastic.

When we got home, our discussion about the evening was short.  It was late and She wasn't in the mood to talk much about it.  "You make it seem like everyone there was focused on your crotch" She laughed.  She also suggested that i enjoyed the many hugs i got from different women.  "You probably enjoyed all the attention you were getting" She smirked.

"You're right" i finally told Her.  "Maybe they did mistake my chastity belt for excitement."

"Would you rather they feel some bra straps on you?" She asked.

She was right.  The CB could be mistaken for an erection, but not a bra strap!