Pink Friday

You can't go anywhere, read anything, listen to the radio or watch television without being inundated with "Black Friday" promotions.  Enough already!  i mean, isn't the real Black Friday a week away?  Why am i drowning in all the Black Friday hype?   And my inbox, well it's just overflowing with sales, coupons and other early shopping ideas.

Somebody's probably already thought about it, but i think the time is ripe for a "Pink Friday."  A special day for all the lovers of all things feminine and gurly!

Here's a couple of ideas to start your sissy shopping early that just happened to show up in my inbox today.

Bare Necessities seems to be offering a solution to every bra problem you've ever had.  Sound to me like its worth a little browsing to see if you can get that perfect fit!

And how can you go wrong with a $6 bra?  Well, maybe you can.  But at that price it's at least worth a look!

Check it out at Maidenform.com.  i think you can even get free shipping!


sissy terri