Checking Her Panties

Disappointment is something a submissive sissy cuckold has to live with.  i can't say i get used to it, but i do accept it.  Diane let me know around 4:30 yesterday afternoon that She'd be working late and not to wait for Her to have dinner.  It's not unusual for Her to have to work beyond regular hours.  It's the nature of Her job.

i didn't doubt Her.  i'm certain She did have to work a few extra hours.  However, i also knew that She'd probably seeing Paul also.  i was correct.  She grabbed a quick bite to eat with him before heading home. 

When She called to tell me She'd be late, She made no mention of Her earlier plans to have a special night together since we were so busy over the weekend.  This apparent indifference to our original plans probably would be a big problem in most marriages.  In ours, it's only a minor one.  And only a problem for me, but one that i accept and move on. 

Diane was home around 8:30 PM.  Considering what She had to do at work i knew that She couldn't have spent much time with Paul.  But i was also quite certain that they did spend some time alone before parting ways.  Not enough time for sex, but definitely time for some intimacy.

In spite of my accepting my married sissy cuckold state, i still get jealous.  The jealousy is stronger at times like these, when i look forward to being with Diane and She ends up spending that time with Paul, short as it may be. Other little things that happen make the jealousy even worse.

For example, yesterday morning i walked into the bathroom and saw Diane putting Her makeup on before heading to work.  She was just in a black bra and panties.  She looked so sexy and in the mirror, She saw me gazing at Her from behind, and at her behind!  "Like what you see?" She asked.  i answered in the affirmative of course which led Her to say "Good, you'll be able to taste it tonight."  We both laughed.  i couldn't wait for Her to get home. 

Diane showered when She got home last night.  While She was in the shower i did something that i haven't done in a very long time.  i went into the lingerie hamper we have in our walk-in closet and pulled out the black panties She'd just taken off.  My jealousy/curiosity got the best of me.  They were very damp in the crotch..  No evidence of She and Paul having intercourse, but plenty of evidence of Diane's arousal.  The whole thing got me very aroused.

When Diane got out of the shower and dried off, She asked me if i would like a little treat.  "Would you like to play with yourself?  you've been locked up all day" She said.  Without waiting for my answer, She went and got the key to my CB-3000 an unlocked it. 

i had a hard time getting it off because of my arousal, but as soon as i did i was laying on the bed face up with Diane's beautiful ass covering my face.  She teased me verbally and told me to play with myself "like a good girl."  i came in no time.

i had to stay there though.  My job wasn't finished, until She said it was.  However, it didn't take Her long to cum either. 

After i had cleaned up the mess i had made on myself, i returned to the bedroom and lay next to Diane. 

"Sorry about tonight" She said.  "I would rather have relaxed here at home."

"You don't have to be sorry" i said.

"I know I don't" She said with all sincerity.


sissy terri