Pretty Print Panties

We have a mid-afternoon flight back home today after enjoying a beautiful wedding yesterday.  California's wine country, especially Napa and Sonoma are just perfect for such occasions.  Too bad our stay had to be so short.  Diane's back to work tomorrow and i've got plenty of housewife things to take care of.

As i slipped into my pink (but rather plain with only a touch of lace around the leg openings) panty a couple of hours ago, i thought about how nice it would be if lingerie manufacturers offered us just a few more varieties of panties with pretty prints.

While colors can be worn to reflect someone's personality or mood (i'm never allowed to wear black or other dark colors that might insinuate dominance) i think print panties could also be very effective in sending subliminal messages to those lucky enough to catch a glimpse!

Here are just a few pictures of some pretty print panties i found on Panty Freek's Panty Paradise  this morning. 

Colorful for sure.  Perfect for "puppy love."

A very subtle print in various shades of pastels, the bow on this panty makes it a sissy favorite.

A bold floral pattern of roses on this panty just oozes femininity.

And here's my favorite for today.  i love how the lace trim runs up the side, the little eyelet trim around the waist, the pink and white pattern and lastly...they're in my favorite color!


sissy terri