Pretty Sissy Things

Good morning everyone!

i feel extra femme today and very chipper.  i'm ready to tackle housework with a very positive attitude and do my very best to make sure the house is neat as a pin when Diane gets home from work tonight.  She says it's going to be "our night" since it was a busy weekend with little time for intimacy.

That being said...here are some pretty things that, quite frankly, get me in the sissiest of moods!

First item...not only a beautiful maids uniform, but such a sexy and feminine pose.  Almost a curtsey but not quite!

Looks like she's getting to curtsey too.  i suppose it's just a natural reaction if you're wearing a dress this beautiful.  And yes, i would like to be her!

Don't you feel femme when you hold out the hem of your dress like this?

Is this a dress?  A nighty?  Does it really matter?

And finally, here's my favorite for today....

And yes....i' am ready!

All photos from My Sissy Pleasures.


sissy terri