Black Friday - With a Touch of Pink

One morning a couple of weeks ago Diane was getting ready for work (and an afternoon session with Paul) and slipping into a pair of black bikini panties that had just a touch of pink eyelet lace trim and a pretty pink bow in the front.  She looked so sexy and happened to notice my glancing at Her.

"You like what You see?  Or are You jealous of the panties?" She teased.  She already knew that i would answer in the affirmative to both those questions.

i find the combination of black and pink to be so sexy.  i don't have much in the way of that color combination in my lingerie collection (Diane insists that i wear mostly "sissy pastels") but i wish i did.  Diane likes the combo also.  The black speaks to Her confidence and dominance, while the pink is a reminder of Her beautiful femininity.

If i could add to my black and pink lingerie line, here are a few pieces i'd love to have!

Bet you guessed my first one would be a babydoll nightie right?

And my second....

Now to some sexy shape wear...

And who wouldn't want a black and pink corset with a pretty bow on it?

Oh how i would love to be laced like this!

This last one is my favorite.  Sure it's mostly pink, but then again, i'm more sissy than anything else!


sissy terri