Brassierres - The Basic Rules!

i saw a very interesting link the other day on Florida Dom's Corner, a blog that deals more with interesting sexual subjects than it does kinky stuff (which is one reason why i do find it enjoyable to read at times) and just had to re-post the entire article here, along with some of my own commentary of course.

It originally appeared in the Style section of The Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago.

The 6 Most Basic Bra Rules You Probably Didn't Know


If you've never been fitted for a bra by a specialist, you should speed-read this article, run to the nearest lingerie retailer and make an appointment.

Truth time: More likely than not, you're wearing the wrong size bra. Yes, bras are expensive and yes, they aren't the most comfortable article of clothing, but the perfect bra can have a profound effect on how you look and feel. That first-layer is crucial; it's worth it to spend the time and money on some quality lingerie.

After a recent fitting, we've come to realize there are a few general bra rules that most women probably don't know about.

Let's celebrate the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and revamp those undergarments! And hey, we bet your significant others wouldn't be opposed to some new delicates.

1. Bras will never be a comfortable clothing item.
They're not sweats, people. More likely than not, your bra isn't too tight. Its primary function is to support your breasts, so it's supposed to be firmly hugging your torso. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to stick no more than 2 fingers between your back and the bra strap.

2. Clasp those babies.
To preserve your bras, be sure to CLASP them while they live in your underwear/bra drawer. Leaving them unclasped allows other garments to get caught on the closures, which can potentially rip or pull both articles of clothing.

3. You should definitely have more than one bra.
Bras are like underwear -- you should have more than one pair and rotate them. Answer this: Do you wear the same pair of underwear multiple times a week?

4. Be aware of the gore.
The center of the bra that connects the cups in front is called a gore. The gore should lie flat against your sternum without any gaps between your body and the bra.

No dryers and no dry cleaners... there's no way around it, people. It doesn't have to be every day, but hand washing will maximize the life expectancy of your delicates.

6. Your bra size is subject to change.
You are most likely a different bra size at various undergarment stores. Just like clothes and shoes, bra sizes run differently.

So, i'll bet there's at least one thing some of you didn't know.  Otherwise, you're definitely a "bra expert!"

i've never been professionally fitted for a bra.  As much as it does sound like fun, i don't quite have the natural "equipment" that might be necessary.  However, i do have some silicone breast forms.  Shouldn't that suffice?

And here's a few thoughts on the rules...

Rule #1 Bras will never be a comfortable clothing item - Amen to this rule!  Strange as it may seem, most of the time i'm more aware of my bra being on than i am of my chastity belt!  Never thought that would be the case.  It's a nice feeling though and here's why:  My CB-3000 constantly reminds me of my maleness.  The bra i'm wearing constantly reminds me of my femininity.  That's what makes the "discomfort" a nice feeling.

Rule #2  Clasp those babies - Now this one i never knew.  Guess what?  Now all my bras are properly clasped and neatly lined up in one of my lingerie drawers.

Rule #3  You should definitely have more than one bra - Duh.  No kidding.  i have more than a dozen but like every other piece of everyday lingerie, we all have our favorites don't we?

Rule #4  Be aware of the gore - Well i didn't know this either.  i didn't even know what the "gore" was when it came to female clothing.  Sounds way to masculine a word to be associated with something so dainty as a bra.  i'm happy to report that the gore on the bra i'm wearing as i type this fits just like it's supposed to :)

Rule #5  HAND WASH YOUR BRAS - The hand washing of lingerie and other "delicates" is one of Diane's rules in our house, so all of our bras are handled with my personal attention and care.

Rule #6   Your bra size is subject to change - This is an interesting one.  At first glance, i thought that it was referring to physical changes a woman (or a sissy) might go through.  But it's also about how sizes can vary from brand to brand and store to store.  Does that mean we have to try them on?

And one more thing when it comes to "bra sizes."  Jake likes the lifelike feeling of my breast forms, but he's hinted that he would enjoy them being a little bigger.  Typical man.  i guess that means to please him, i'll not only have to get larger and fuller breast forms, but new bras too!


sissy terri