Sunday Sissy Shopping

Many years ago there were blue laws everywhere that prohibited most retail stores from opening on Sundays.  How times have changed.  These days, not only are stores open seven days a week along with major holidays, but you can shop around the clock online and buy anything you want from anywhere you want.

Online shopping has made life so much easier for crossdressers and fetishists of all types.  Sure the cyber world has taken away some of the thrill and sexy humiliation you might get when picking out those pretty pink panties at Norsdtrom's and paying for them yourself, but you can't top it for convenience and selection.

Earlier this week Sara E posted a comment asking about some of my favorite shopping sites.  i really have so many that represent a pretty eclectic selection of women's lingerie and other types of clothing.  However, one of my favorite resources and guides to shopping is a site called The Lingerie Addict.  Great name don't you think?  I have it listed on my "Of Interest to Sissies" Blog listing on the lower right hand side of my page.  The site is run by a woman named Cora who obviously has a passion for lingerie, as well as a keen eye for it!

What makes The Lingerie Addict so awesome is that in addition to all the great information about lingerie and links to other sites featuring beautiful intimates, it has a weekly list of all the great sales you can find going on that week.  Typically, there are dozens of these types of sales from lingerie sites
all over the world.  And when you visit the site for the first time, you can subscribe to Cora's newsletter that keeps you up to date on her site and all of these sales.

i recently bought a very pretty white chemise type babydoll pajama from Designer Intimates for only $36.00 that was regularly priced at $56.00.  Obviously you have to shop around and look for the best prices and those things that work for you.  But i doubt you're going to find one site that has as much information and this many resources in one place as The Lingerie Addict.  By all means, give it a try.  i've never had a bad experience buying anything from the sites i've found there.

Another site that's not as glamorous but offers a nice variety of lingerie is called Her Room.  This site, like a few others, offers various brands of lingerie.  For instance their panty selection offers brands like Olga, Jockey, Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Curvey Kate and many others.  It's the same with their other types of lingerie.  Nice one stop shopping and their prices are very reasonable.

Obviously i have other sites that i use like One Hanes Place, Etsy, and Bare Necessities.  And there are others that deal more with outerwear or other specialty items like corsets or hosiery.  But for lingerie shopping, these two are a great place to start. 

While real men are watching football in their "man caves", Sundays is a great time for us to do some sissy shopping.  After all, we all have a little "lingerie addict" in us don't we?


sissy terri