Pre-Cuckolding Correspondence?

Last week my wife Diane got an email from her old friend Brian asking if she would like to do lunch in the next couple of weeks when he's in town.  The invitation came about as a result of their meeting at a wedding we attended a two weekends ago. 

In a move I consider to be a form of cuckold teasing, Diane told me about the email (which I wrote about in this post) and forwarded it to me, saying that she wanted my opinion on it.  Here's what I received:

As discussed.  Be prepared to share your thoughts 
It was awesome seeing you on Saturday night and even more fun dancing together ;)  I have to admit you look great, prettier than the bride actually!  It was nice to talk about old times together and reminisce.  I'd love to see you again and was wondering if you might be interested in doing lunch when I'm in town.  I get there fairly often and can move my schedule around pretty easily.  I could carve out some extra time during the day to spend some time together. 
Again, I really enjoyed seeing you and being able to talk with you on Saturday.  Can't wait to hear from you!
 With Warmest Regards,
I expected Diane to want to talk about the email on Friday night when she got home from the office but she didn't.  She didn't bring it up at all this weekend and I finally brought up the subject last night while she was on her laptop.  She said she was busy and that we could talk about it on Monday or Tuesday.  Before I could ask her if she'd already answered him she volunteered the information herself,  saying that she accepted his invitation and it looked like they would be having lunch the week after next, possibly sooner.  She was in one of those moods where it was best to let her be.  She'd talk more about it when she was ready. 

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, Diane said it was going to be a long and busy week for her and needed some "attention" before bedtime to relax.  I obliged, attending to her lovely pussy until she came twice.  When her orgasms had subsided she turned to me and asked "How about my little wife? Would she like some attention as well?"  "I would love that" I told her.

I got the strap-on and supplies, and within minutes she was standing by the edge of the bed sliding into me while I lay on my back with my legs over her shoulders.  She looked down at me and told me how cute I looked when I was getting fucked.  "You love it don't you?" she asked.  I did and told her so.  "Why don't you play with your little clitty while I fuck you" she said.  I obeyed.

I had just started stroking myself when Diane said "I bet you'd like me to fuck you in front of Brian wouldn't you?  Show him what a sissy you are."  I came within seconds.  It's a kinky fantasy and her words just sent me over the top.  As erotic as it sounds, I know I could never submit to that scenario.  Reality and fantasy are sometimes worlds apart, even though it seems like they move closer together.