Staying Sissy Smooth

The slave contract I entered into with Diane eleven years ago included a clause that I was to keep my underarms smooth all the time, and my legs and chest smooth during the winter months.  We agreed that it was one way to be discreet about my feminization and not raise any eyebrows or unnecessary questions from friends, family, etc.  So much has changed since then. 

Five years ago we took a two week vacation to the Caribbean.  We flew to Florida and stayed a couple of nights in Ft. Lauderdale on the beach.  This was during January and I was as smooth as a baby.  While there, Diane had arranged for her sister Denise and her husband Bob to come visit us.  They lived a couple of hours away and met us at the resort we were staying at and we later went out to dinner with them.  I was very nervous because it would be the first time someone we knew would see me with my smooth legs.

I remember Diane being somewhat empathetic with my concerns but saying that sooner or later, it was something I should get used to.  She also said that they may not even noticed.  The day and evening went by and no one said anything, but I couldn't help but think that they noticed my hairless legs and chest. 

Diane was right though.  I have gotten used to it.  A couple of years ago, Diane decided that she wanted me smooth all the time.  I have a little bit of pubic hair, but other than that and the hair on my head, I am a silky smooth sissy.  I have to agree with her that it's not very sexy looking to see a pretty brassiere on someone with hair on their chest.  It also makes me feel so much more feminine whenever I slip into my bra, panties, hosiery or any other  piece of female clothing. 

Keeping myself that way is important.  Diane isn't happy when she feels or sees the slightest hint of hair on my legs, chest, or underarms.  It's also a constant reminder of who I am and the role I play in our marriage.