Under my contract with Diane, I spend 7 out of every 28 days having my period.  It's a lesson in femininity, humility and obedience.  During that time, sex is limited to my providing her with oral relief.  I imagine this is very similar to what many women go through when they have their period.  Still pleasing their husbands or boyfriends with their mouth while their pussy is off limits.

Doing these things and acting this way has in some ways become routine for us but it never loses it's intended effect:  to remind me who I am and of my role in this relationship.  The fact that Diane doesn't "fuck" me during this seven day period with one of her strap-ons often makes me want it more.  The fact that I'm obligated to please her with my mouth reinforces my obedience.

Last night was mostly typical of the type of sex we have during "my time of the month."  I say mostly typical because Diane's urges seemed to be heightened, most likely because of her Friday lunch with Brian. Diane took full advantage of my role and had me kissing her all over, and I do mean all over.  There was more verbal teasing than usual and during her moments of passion was much more vocal.  From my viewpoint, much of this is very satisfying since it provides me comfort in knowing Diane enjoys what I provide for her.

I was also made to feel more feminine when Diane surprisingly told me to get her strap-on dildo and harness and help her into it.  It was another tease, but one I enjoyed.  Once strapped in, she lay back on the bed and had me take the make believe cock in my mouth.  It's what many wives do for their spouses when they're in the middle of their period.  "Why should you be totally deprived of cock during your time of the month" she said.  "I know how much you like cock."

There's lots of references to the term "subspace" in D/s literature and blogs.  As submissive as I often feel during moments like last night, I prefer to refer to that feeling as "femmespace."  I haven't really seen that term anywhere.  I'm sure it's probably out there somewhere.  It's a feeling that I get often and many times it comes from different things.  It's a feeling I love very much.