An Important Discussion

My wife's lunch with Brian went "pretty well" according to Diane.  It was Friday and neither one of them had a pressing need to get back to work, so it was nearly a three hour lunch.  We had our own long talk last night Diane and I.  She let me ask her anything I wanted about her lunch with Brian.  She told me right up front that she would tell me everything and that she didn't want to hide anything  I asked plenty of questions and I believe she told me everything.

There was no sex yesterday but there was some kissing before they parted in the parking garage near the restaurant.  Diane said the kiss, which began as a polite and short kiss on the lips, ended up in a brief but passionate embrace; one where Brian held her close to him and ran his hands over her butt. She also admitted to briefly putting her hand on his crotch and feeling his hard cock.  Mine was also hard in my panties as she told me this.

Diane assured me that they were discreet about it.  There was no one they could see in the garage and the embrace didn't last long.  I wondered how they could so quickly jump to a passionate kiss but she told me it was simple:  there had been plenty of flirting that took place during the very long lunch, including some suggestive touches of her leg under the table and some tender touches of each other's hands.

There was more in our conversation, much of it arousing to me and much of it difficult to hear.  I suppose the most difficult part for me to hear was Diane telling me that this thing with Brian was definitely going to move forward and that I would have to accept it and in time probably even enjoy it.  "I  love you as my wife" she said, "and that is never, ever, ever going to change.  But I need real sex with a masculine man once and awhile.  Our lifestyle now just doesn't make that possible for me unless I find someone like Brian."

Those words stung, but I knew she was right. In the end, it was something that had to be said.  I told her I understood.  We hugged and there were a few tears.  I know it's going to be difficult, but last night's talk with Diane will help make it easier.