Feminine Emotions

The past few days have been very emotion-filled for me.  As instructed by Diane, I made an appointment for her to have her nails done using the gift certificate I bought her.  In some ways I was hoping I wouldn't be able to get her an appointment since it was at the last minute.  I was still bothered by the fact that no sooner had I given her the gift certificate that she decided to use it to get her nails done for her lunch date with Brian today.  It's a date that could eventually lead to her cuckolding me for the second time in our marriage, the first time with my full knowledge.

The lady at the spa had a cancellation and was able to squeeze her in, but not until 6:15 PM.  I thought it was a little later than Diane would have liked but made the appointment anyway.  The lady also surprised me when she asked me "Is this for any special occasion coming up this weekend?"  I hesitated and the lady added "You know, like a wedding, anniversary or something like that?"  I told her that it wasn't, that my wife just felt like treating herself.  Obviously I lied.  Had I been truthful I would have answered in my most submissive sissy voice that it was for an important lunch date with a potential lover of hers.

Wednesday was also the day that according to the contract I have with Diane, I was due to start my period (all part of my feminization and our Female Led Relationship).  I had forgotten about it and so had Diane.  I think it was only the second time I had forgotten about it, proof that my emotions were getting the best of me.  Also, Diane always seems to either remind me or check to see if I'm wearing the feminine protection I'm supposed to.  She must have forgotten as well.  No doubt she has other things on her mind.

Diane didn't get home until nearly 8:30 last night.  I had prepared a salad with grilled chicken for her and waited until she got home so we could eat together.  Her nails looked beautiful and I told her so.  "Don't worry, you'll get to enjoy them too" she said with her beautiful smile.  We spoke little, but we both seemed to know that today's lunch with Brian was on our minds.  Diane is very perceptive and before dinner was over, looked at me and said "Don't worry so much about tomorrow.  Think it through and you'll realize it's something you've wanted.  You knew it would be difficult at first.  If it's meant to be, it will work out fine.  Who knows, I may decide against it."  She was right.

As I cleaned up the dishes after dinner, Diane asked me if I had started my period.  "I forgot to check with you yesterday.  I hope you didn't forget to wear your pad" she said.  "I did start." I told her, but didn't add that I forgot about it and hadn't put a pad on until today.  It would have been another lie.