Sissy Satisfaction

I was one satisfied sissy last night after Diane was done with me.  I did have to satisfy her first by worshiping her pussy and then her ass, but she seemed more interested in making sure my own feminine needs were met.  After getting into her strap on and making sure I was properly positioned and lubed, she was very deliberate and soft in her lovemaking, teasing me with the tip of her cock before sliding it in and even then, moving it in and out while I begged her to give it to me.

"No touching" she said as she forbade me to play with myself.  "No masturbating while I fuck you tonight. I'll control when you cum" she told me.  I was afraid I would cum spontaneously as she spoke to me and she realized that.

"You like cock don't you?" she asked me.  I answered her in the affirmative.  "I know how much you miss Ken" she said.  She brings up his name from time to time.  Ken was the last man I was with, and she knew all about it.  I had an "affair" with him for more than two years.  He was married and a retired physician with a wife who was still working.  They've moved away and yes, I do miss him.  But that's a story for another time.

She continued to make love to me, going deeper, but still sliding in and out at a nice soft pace.  "We both love cock don't we?" she asked in her teasing way.  Before I could answer, she said "I think you actually like it more than I do."

As her strokes began to quicken, she decided to let me cum, but on her terms.  She began to stroke me gently with her left hand and I just lost it, unable to control myself and cumming almost immediately.  She giggled and continued to milk me.  When my orgasm subsided, she let me lick her hand clean.

I was surprised though that last night, not once did she mention Brian and their next lunch date.  I was going to ask if something had gone wrong, but just let it pass.  It was a lovely evening for me.