A Sissy Valentine's Day

You always hear that it's better to give than to receive.  Granted, there much satisfaction to be had out of giving something to someone, either a gift, one's time, etc. and see them so happy.  However, I think Valentine's Day for sissy is an exception to that old adage.  I used to enjoy buying things for Diane on Valentine's Day, sexy lingerie, chocolates, flowers, etc.  But as I became more feminine, submissive and took the role of her wife, the tables have been turned in so many ways.

I had just returned from the grocery store this morning to pick up some things for a special Valentine's Day dinner I'm going to make for Diane tonight.  I love to cook and have become very good at it, so whipping up a great gourmet dinner is always fun.  Besides, the restaurants are so crowded on a night like this.  Anyway, after putting things away I got changed into full femme attire when the doorbell rang!  I wasn't about to answer it this way but peeked out the window to see a delivery truck from a local flower shop!

I waited until he left before I opened the front door to find a dozen red roses in a beautiful vase, with a card addressed to me.  In my femme name!  I opened the card to find a note that said:  "Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely wife.  Be home by 5.  Dinner at 7.  Love, D"  My heart skipped a beat.  Receiving flowers is such a feminine and girly thing.  I keep walking over to them and smelling them.   I've had flowers sent to her office today as well, and I do have a special gift for her tonight. 

I can't wait for Diane to get home.  I want to look as beautiful as I can for her.  I also hope I'm on the "receiving end" once again!