Waiting to be Cuckolded

My wife Diane's been talking to Brian every day this week, but they haven't set a date for their next meeting.  Up until tonight, Brian has called her while they were at work.  But a few hours ago, that changed when he called her here at home on her cell.  When she realized it was him, she motioned for me to be very quiet.  She proceeded to talk to him for about twenty minutes.

I gave her some privacy so I wasn't privy to much of their discussion.  I know that she ended the conversation by saying "I miss you too."  After she ended the call, she answered the question I was about to ask when she told me that earlier in the day, she told Brian that he could call her at home tonight because I was going to be out until about nine o'clock.  She forgot to mention that to me at dinner and had planned on telling me that if he called, that I was to remain quiet while they talked.  Diane also surprised me when she said she didn't have a problem with me listening in on her side of the conversation.  "If I want privacy, I'll let you know" she said.

We talked for more than an hour after the phone call.  Even though they are definitely going to meet again, Diane said that her getting it on with Brian is definitely not a done deal.   Diane is a very process-oriented person (admittedly anal at times) and wants things to go her way.  Before she ends up in bed with Brian and in a full blown affair, she made it clear to me that there are certain "requirements" that will have to be met. 

The last thing she wants is to have Brian fall head over heels for her and start talking about what it would be like if the two of them were together.  She's married, wants to stay that way and doesn't want to ruin anything with he and his wife.  She's also going to tell him that she expects him to remain "faithful" to both his wife and to her.  It may sound strange, but she doesn't want him screwing around with anyone else.  I asked her how she expects to keep tabs on this and she said that even though it might seem difficult, she'd probably be able to tell if he was seeing someone else as well.  She wants a no strings attached relationship, one in which either one of them can walk away at any time.  Also, unless he's willing to be tested, she's going to insist on safe sex at all times.  Lastly, she stated very clearly that if he wasn't a good lover, she'd just end it, saying the whole thing was probably a bad idea.

I have no idea if her approach to this is much different than other wives who want to cuckold their husbands.  I would think that many wives would have at least some of the same requirements or thoughts as she does.  It may seem pretty cold and clinical, but it's reassuring to me that she has no intention of falling in love with Brian.  I think it is different than most cuckolding situations you read about on the web or on blogs, where the "Bull" knows that the cuckold knows about him and at times, makes love to the wife in the cuckold's presence.  In our case, Diane wants Brian to think that I know nothing about their affair. 

I asked Diane if she ever thought a time would come that she would want to let Brian in on my knowledge of their affair and the whole cuckolding thing.  She said she doubted that would ever happen, but she wouldn't rule it out entirely.  "That would be getting ahead of things.  First things first.  Don't worry your pretty little head about it" she told me. 

In the meantime, I'm just waiting to be cuckolded.  No doubt there's some anxiety on my part, but knowing she's in such control of the situation is very reassuring.