Another Cuckolding Discussion

Last night, Diane was in one of her more Dominantly amorous moods.  She wanted sexual relief and she wanted it in a specific way.  We made our way to the bedroom earlier than usual and I got into one of my prettier nighties in preparation to please her.  We don't have traditional male-female sex.  I pleasure her orally only, and she penetrates me anally when she so pleases.

This post isn't about the sex we had last night, although it does play an important part in setting the stage for the discussion that followed.  When I began pleasing Diane last night, I could tell that she was already highly aroused; if not physically, she was mentally into it already.  As a result, she achieved her first orgasm in not time and insisted on another.  The second came much quicker than her typical "follow-up" orgasms come.  Clearly, she was quite horny last night.

A few minutes later as we were relaxing (I still without relief) Diane mentioned that Brian, her old friend she had met and danced with at the wedding we went to last Saturday night, had emailed her and invited her to lunch some time next week.  The company he works for has an office in the city where Diane works and he could easily schedule some visits there she said.  Immediately, my mind played tricks with me as I connected her quick orgasms with the possibility she was fantasizing about Brian.

She teased me while asking "You wouldn't mind now would you?" in a rather joking and sarcastic tone.  Leaning over, she caressed my penis through the panties I had on.  "I'll send you the email tomorrow so you can read it.  I'd like your opinion on it" she said.

I asked her why she needed my opinion.  "You know, tell me what you think.  Does it sound like more than just a lunch invitation?  Use some of your feminine insight and tell me how you would take it" she said. 

The more she talked, I got harder.  She continued to tease.  As aroused as I got, part of me is afraid of moving forward.  I suppose it is a natural reaction.  Just like the reaction I had to her teasing me and fondling my cock.   Eventually, I came in my panties and had to change them.