"Too Much Work"

Last night after reading the All Mine blog, I asked my wife Diane to read it and tell me what she thought about the whole idea of possibly keeping me in chastity at times.  Diane knows which blogs I read online and my internet habits and preferences are not something I hide from her.

Her response after reading the post was both interesting and disappointing in a way.  "Too much work" she said very abruptly.  I asked her to elaborate and she went on about how, in her opinion, relationships that use chastity seem to be just as much or more work for the Dominant partner as they are for the submissive.  She admitted that she might like the idea of having me locked up initially, but after awhile it would become too routine and as she pointed out, too much work.  "I prefer low maintenance domination" she laughed.

She also brought up the fact that based upon the way I asked my question, it would be "an other one of those things" that I would want only "at times."  That didn't sound very submissive or obedient to her and she said if we were to do it, it would be all or nothing.  Just as I thought she was leaving the door open just slightly enough that she might consider it a possibility, she added "Anyway, I like to see you masturbate whenever I want to.  Having that thing on you would take too much time to remove, put back on, and all the other stuff."

This morning when she got out of the shower to head to work, I brought her a fresh cup of coffee to sip on while she did her hair.  She thanked me and said "You know, I was thinking about that chastity idea you mentioned last night.  Maybe I could just keep you locked up while I'm with Brian."   She looked at me in the mirror with that mischievous smile of hers.  I'm not sure she could tell, but under my bathrobe I was getting hard already. 

I hope she wasn't kidding, but she probably was.  Most of the time she sticks with her initial decisions.  Even though it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, she rarely does.