Pretty Pastels

Of all the panties I own (too many to count), less than a handful are dark colors.  I have two pair that are dark red, one black and another that are deep purple.  Everything else is pastel colored or a light floral print (the vast majority are pink).  Part of the contract with Diane is that I only buy and wear those types of panties unless she gives me different instructions.  Of the four dark colored pairs I own, Diane has bought them all for me. 

She on the other hand, owns mostly black and dark colored panties.  The darker colors are obviously meant to convey her dominance, especially when they are contrasted with my pretty pastels, and she looks so hot to me in black panties.

This morning at breakfast she teased me about possibly having to do some lingerie shopping soon.  When I asked her what it was she was looking for, she told me that she may want to wear something more "passive looking" when she and Brian finally get together.  She also laughed that to save money she could borrow some of my lingerie.

I believe Diane's comments, as much as they are meant to tease me, also provide insight as to her frame of mind as she thinks about how things will play out with Brian.  Her desire, if that is indeed what it is, to be more sexually passive with Brian also serves to reinforce my own submission to her.  Her desire to wear something pink and feminine for sex with Brian, just like I often do for sex with her, speaks to the issue of woman's need for sex with a very masculine man does it not?