Dressing Like a Lady

When compared to men's, women's clothing is much more complicated and difficult to put on.  No wonder women (and crossdressers) take so much longer to get ready.  In a previous post, I wrote about the difficulties I used to have with putting on my bras, and how Diane used to make me practice in front of her until I became an "expert" at it.  There are still times when I struggle, but those times are very rare and they usually come with a brand new bra that I'm not used to.

Bras aren't the only thing that's difficult to put on.  Another example are dresses, particularly fitted ones, that have zippers in the back.  I can't remember how many times I got myself tied up like a pretzel before finally getting the darned thing zipped all the way up to the top.  I am in good shape and fairly nimble, but a contortionist I'm not!  Just like I've done for Diane many times since we've been married, she now reciprocates and  sometimes helps "zip me up!"

Regular button down shirts are another item that still feel awkward because the buttons are reverse from men's shirts.  I suppose if I grew up buttoning all my shirts that way it would come more naturally, but it still seems a little awkward.  I wonder who decided ladies' shirts should be made this way and why?  Since I've been dressing at home all the time and become Diane's "wife", more and more of my shirts are in a women's style.  I wear them like I would any other shirt and even with male slacks or shorts.  I doubt anyone ever really notices the difference!

Men's clothes on the other hand are incredibly simple to put on.  No zippers in the back, buttons that you can fasten in no time and nothing like brassieres to deal with.

Corsets????  Well that's a whole other story!  I have a couple and have become quite adept at tightening them so that I have a very nice hourglass figure.  Naturally, when Diane laces me it helps reduce my waist even more.  But then again, corsets have this erotic allure about them don't they?  I think everyone would agree they're best enjoyed in the company of another!