A Cuckold Errand

I usually do some errands on Thursdays or Fridays in preparation for the weekend.  Diane wants to enjoy her weekends as much as possible and it also feels pretty nice that she also wants to spend them with me.  Rather than run around doing errands on the weekends, she wants me to take care of those things on either Thursdays or Friday.

Last night after dinner I was cleaning up and doing some dishes in my apron while she was on the phone with her friend Linda discussing some work-related issue.  Linda must have had to take another call and while Diane was waiting she asked me when I was planning to do my errands this week.  I told her I would probably go this afternoon since I was going to the gym in the morning.  "That's fine.  I'll leave you a list of some things I need" she said.  That wasn't unusual since she always leaves me a short list of things she might need or want.  These can range from a grocery item to more womanly things like a high end cosmetic item.  I've gotten very accustomed to buying these things for her at the Macy's cosmetic counters!

Just as I got ready to leave for the gym this morning I happened to glance at the list of about eight things Diane had jotted down.  One word jumped right out at me and stopped me dead in my tracks:  "CONDOMS :)"  I don't know how I had missed it before.  I had walked by the not which was sitting on the counter near the kitchen wall phone where we always keep such things.  In addition, it was the only item in all CAPS, and with that little smile after it.

Talk about a strange feeling.  The realization that my cuckolding might be just around the corner.  Nothing of the sort had been discussed for a couple of days.  Instead, one word amidst a list of items for me to pick up on my weekly errand run.

I tried calling Diane at her office and her private line bounced over to her administrative assistant.  She was in an all day meeting.  I asked to be put through to her voice mail and left her a message to call me when she has a chance.  I'm not sure what I'll say to her.  I'm not angry or anything, but curious as to why we didn't talk about it.  In some ways, I'm not surprised.  What she did teases me in an indirect yet very effective way. 

Anyway, I'm going to do what I'm told.  By the time she calls back, I'll probably already have purchased the condoms.