Sissy "Hummingbird Panties"

Diane arrives tomorrow and She made it very clear She wants the housework to be all done by the time She gets here.  Even though neither one of us has been around since Sunday morning, She expects all the housework done as usual.  Yes Ma'am.  So, i'm kind of a busy housewife today while wearing one of my favorite aprons.

In the meantime, i wanted to share something with all of you that i found on The Lingerie Addict  blog.  Cora, the blog's author, does an outstanding job of keeping everyone abreast on the latest in lingerie news, sales, trends, etc.  In this post Cora reviews some "hummingbird panties" she received from Tallulah Love, a maker of fine specialty lingerie. 

The panties are pretty enough....

...but they even come in these beautiful boxes!

Don't they make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts?

Don't take the chance that someone might not buy them for you.  i think they're worth getting for yourself!


sissy terri