It's a Beautiful Thing!

Like many of the readers of terri's blog, I've been avidly following the wonderful new developments in terri and Diane's - and now Paul's - relationship. Personally, I just love the way terri writes about their developing connection, and their adventurous exploration of this new intimacy, and I want to send all three of them my admiration and congratulations.

On re-reading terri's posts so far, I notice two things, and it is these I want to write about today.

The first is about how wonderful it is when both partners fantasies are in sync. Exploring them together involves lots communication, sharing of private feelings and thoughts, and looking deep into ones own interior. There is an intrinsic vulnerability to this process. And it turns out this is an *amazing* way not only create deep, lasting pleasure for each, but also to build incredible intimacy, and a continually deepening bond. It feels emotionally risky, because of the revealing of inner self that it requires (and it is - no doubt about that!), but done slowly and carefully, it is immensely powerful - and quintessentially human.

And this happens, with the caveat that the fantasies don't involve lasting harm to anyone, *no matter what the fantasies are* - no matter how 'kinky' they may seem, mutual exploration of this synchronicity seems to always lead to greater intimacy, greater love. Two - oh, sorry, *three* :-) - people find each other and can create this private world where together they reveal and manifest their deepest psychological and sexual needs.

Which is a very, very, very beautiful thing!!! 

So-called 'deviant' sexaulity, judged by the 'normal' world as depraved, leads to the same, deep - perhaps even deeper -  human connection that 'conventional' sex is supposed to foster. I find that just so thrilling.

Secondly, it just became even more apparent to me how pivotal to this whole thing Diane is. She is the one who orchestrated this, had the overall vision, and got all the parts to fit. Even Paul, who *appears* to be , and is many respects *is*, the top dog here, has been subtly manipulated - perhaps that is too strong a word - shall we say 'directed', 'guided' or 'led'- into playing his part in Her overall plan. It's really quite something, and I have to say the Dom in me is in admiration of her skill and tenacity. It's taken a lot of planning, persistence, patience and intelligence to pull this off. She's a remarkable person - but I'm sure you know this already. Diane, you have my deepest respects!

Diane, Paul, terri - congratulations to all of you. It's a beautiful thing!

Love to all,