Panty Shopping Instructions

It was awful naive of me to think that i'd be given total control of how i spent the Victoria's Secret gift certificate Paul and Diane gave me for Christmas.  It would have been kind of fun.  To be able to spend $250 any way you want to at that store would be pleasing to any sissy.  i don't have total control over much of anything, so this is no surprise.

As a reply to yesterday's Chastity Report, this is what i got from Paul:


We've decided it's time you start spending your VS gift certificate.  To make the whole shopping experience more enjoyable for you your first purchase will be a simple one.  On Wednesday after bringing your guests to the airport you're to head to the Victoria's Secret at the ..... mall and purchase one pair of panties.  Or should I say "panty" or "pantie", you have me so confused now!  LOL.  Just one.  Nothing else.  Diane will give you more specifics about the style and color.

We want to see the receipt also and will look forward to seeing you in them on Wednesday afternoon.

Shopping for lingerie has become a bit easier for me over time but most of it is done online which doesn't bother me at all.  Those times that i've done it in person, i've always bought more than one item. This is different.  i know i'm going to be embarrassed by purchasing just one pair of panties.

i'll also have to walk through the mall with that cute little pink bag.  
i'm a little anxious again, but aroused at the same time.

The instructions i received also make it clear that Paul and Diane continue to have discussions about me when they're alone.  i'm not surprised.  It makes me feel special in a way, and even more submissive.


sissy terri