The Panty Hamper

Snuggled into the corner of my side of our walk-in closet off the master bedroom sits the panty hamper.  It's just a small wicker basket with a cover on it, but it's where Diane and i put our panties, bras and other lingerie that i must hand wash.  i don't write much about it, but it's one of my "wifey duties."

Diane went into the office early yesterday morning to catch up on a few things and also to see Paul.  i took that opportunity to hand wash what lingerie we had in the panty hamper and let it dry on a rack in our bathroom.  By mid morning i was off with our house guess to play a round of golf.  After the round, our guests decided to head into town to do a bit of shopping and a couple of touristy things while i headed home. 

It was a little after 3 PM and Diane was in the shower after a trip to the gym.  i greeted Her, got ready to take my own shower and retrieved my chastity belt which i had removed (with Her permission) to play golf.  She left the water running and i jumped right in after Her, leaving the CB right beside the shower so i could reach it and slip it on comfortably with plenty of warm soapy water. 

A few minutes later the CB wasn't where i had left it.  i opened the door to peer around the corner to see if it might have fallen or if i'd left somewhere when Diane appeared.  She was naked and holding Her strap-on and harness.  "You won't be needing your little pink cage for a while" She said.  i began to stiffen immediately.   "Hurry.  We don't have all afternoon" She told me.  i was out of the shower quickly.

"Put on a babydoll top and get my panties out of the hamper" She ordered.  There were only two pair of panties in the hamper; the black ones She'd worn to the gym, and the pink one's i'd worn to play golf.  i did as i was told and went into the bedroom with Her black panties.  She already had the lubricant and was slipping into the harness.  i tightened the laces in the back for Her.  She turned to face me and pushed the strap-on into my mouth.

Little was said as She watched me suck the strap-on while She held me with both hands.  By then, i was rock hard and dropping deeper into subspace.  "On the bed" She said "and on your back."  She lay a towel on the edge of the bed and i laid on top of it, with my legs spread, bent and pulled back to my chest.  Diane lubricated the strap-on then my bottom.  She was skillful and made sure there was plenty of lubricant.  "Ready?" She asked. 

Before even waiting for an answer She quickly told me to open my mouth.  She took the black panties She'd worn to the gym, rolled them up into a tight little ball, and stuffed them into my open mouth.  "Just in case you get a little loud.  You never know when our guests will get back." 

There was a little teasing, but it didn't take long for Her to penetrate me.  She slid in easily and was soon pumping me back and forth.  When She's buried deep into me, both Her hands are free.  She used on of them to caress me softly.  i lasted only a few moments before i had an orgasm.  It was my first this month.  My moans of pleasure were muffled by Diane's sweaty panties. 

"Happy Valentine's Day" Diane said as She fell on top of me and kissed me deeply. 

Feeling so content i knew i had to reciprocate.  "May i worship You to an orgasm?" i asked.

"No need.  I already had mine today" She chided me with a smile.  "Besides, our guests will be back soon right?  So get back in chastity and get dressed."  i returned Diane's panty to the hamper, got back into chastity and got ready to head out to dinner.

Later in the evening as we headed out to a Valentine's dinner with our guests, Diane looked absolutely stunning but Rita, the female half of the couple commented on how handsome i looked.  Diane just smiled and said "He does doesn't he?"

Little did Rita know i was wearing a matching pink bra and panty set under my black sport coat, burgundy crew neck shirt and black slacks.  And i was in chastity also. 

i felt like a million bucks.


sissy terri