Penney Panties' Punishment Predicament

Every FemDom marriage or Female Led Relationship is unique and beautiful in its own way.  This is especially true with the partners have a deep love for one another.  Their rituals, symbols, means of communications, etc. become rich in tradition over time and help to strengthen the relationship.

Penney, my submissive sissy gurl friend just happens to be fortunate enough to be in such a relationship with her loving and Dominant Wife.  Last Sunday (the day after Valentine's Day), Penney wrote to me and closed her email with this very brief note:

"Last night I got a bit testy before, dinner so I was told to be at the door on my knees naked, her crop in my mouth when she arrives home from church. I am to expect a sound spanking for my poor behavior."
Having to bring a punishment implement to Diane has always been humiliatingly erotic to me.  So has having to kneel or stand in the corner and wait for Her.  Penney's brief but incredibly descriptive email combined both those two elements and even added a third.  The third element?  Objectification.  Not only did Penney have to get the crop and wait, she also served as nothing more than a "holder" for the crop until her Wife got back home!

i wrote back to Penney and let her know that i had the privilege of having Diane's panties in my
mouth on Valentine's Day while She made love to me with Her strap-on.  i told Penney i found it interesting, and slightly coincidental. that two sissy gurl friends, many miles apart, each with an item of their Wife's choosing placed in their mouths.

i want to share with you Penney's response to my email, in which she describes what ensued when her Wife returned home and later on that evening:

I was to be kneeling with her whip in my teeth, actually a riding crop, as I waited there for her. This is her favorite punishment implement. She has a few but this about the only one she uses these days. When she returned home she left me there for a little while blindfolded while she went about her business. I was getting pretty nervous by the time she removed the wip from my mouth.

She brushed the business end gently across my bottom a few times then let go with some ass stinging swats. I didn't count them, she doesn't make me do that, but I'd guess around twenty. I was sorry for my actions of the day before, now I was quite sorry and I told her so. I think we both felt much better for it.

Later she put me in very frilly pink panties, and we went to see the Imitation Game. She bought me several new peasant dresses and a sweater. I think she felt bad that she had to punish me. I think she had also planned to add a bow to the panties, but the evening got late. I never ask or say a word about such things; it is always her choice.

i found Penney's description of the scene to be most erotic.  i read it several time.  Each time, i found myself becoming more aroused, as if i was the one who was receiving the stinging swats of the crop and being put into pink ruffled panties afterwards.

i think you'll agree that Penney's punishment last weekend is a beautiful expression of the love that exists in the relationship she has with her Wife.

We're both lucky sissies.  Very lucky ones.


sissy terri