Pre-Chastity Memories

With guests in the house, Valentine's going to be a very low key and vanilla day for us.  Diane's hinted that i may be in for a treat later tonight if things work out.  That leads me to believe i may even be allowed to have an orgasm.  It would be my first for the month of February.

Other than that, we're going out to dinner with our guests tonight.  Fortunately, we've secured a reservation and it should be a nice time.  So, before i get on to another topic, i want to wish all my readers a very Happy Valentine's Day.  i hope you all get to enjoy it in a special way!

While reading a post on "Robert Anthony's Chastity & FemDom Blog" a couple of nights ago in which he related how excited he was and how close he came to cumming simply by worshiping his wife's pussy, i couldn't help but reminisce about the times i experienced the exact same thing.

Robert, who for various reasons hadn't been intimate with his Dominant Wife for several days, explained the scene this way:

"My cock was throbbing hard by now and being back between her gorgeous thighs felt so good to me, I swear as I finally tasted her delicious pussy I thought my cock was going to explode underneath me. I'm not joking, I seriously thought I was going to cum. Mistress's pussy tastes so amazing and I have missed it so very much.
Thankfully I managed to curtail my impending accident and concentrated on worshiping Mistress's beautiful pussy."
Robert's excitement and near orgasm was also induced by the fact that moments before his Wife pushed his face down between Her thighs, the two of them were engaged in foreplay they'd apparently used before theirs became a FemDome marriage:

"... it seemed very vanilla to me, like the old days, and I half wondered (hoped?) if she would pull me on top of her and tell me to fuck her hard and cum inside her. Okay, maybe hoping to be allowed to cum inside her was a bit optimistic... it's only been nine days after all.

Instead Mistress pushed me gently down between her legs, though I cheekily slid back up her body... partly to carry on kissing her, and just maybe, perhaps, hoping my cock would brush against her pussy and she might... maybe, pull me inside her. One can hope, right?"
Oh how i can relate! i've had similar experiences where, especially after pleasing Diane (She always has an orgasm first unless She feels otherwise) i would hint or make a move as if to penetrate Her like a real man, only to get pushed away.  i've written about it here before like in this post Sex Between a Wife and Her Sissy, and it can be a very humbling experience.

Like Robert, on numerous occasions, i've had to do my best to hold back an orgasm while i was worshiping Diane, my mind in a deep subspace as i became totally lost in my role as existing solely for Her pleasure.  Many times i wasn't successful, unable to control myself and would make a sissy mess!

Even though i'm just as aroused today when i worship Diane as i've ever been, i don't have that problem anymore.  Since January 1, every time i worship Her i'm locked in my CB-3000.

No more sissy messes.  So far it's been a very effective way to cure my "problem."


sissy terri