Cuckold Date #2

Shortly after dropping our guests off at the airport this morning, i obeyed Paul's "Panty Shopping Instructions" and headed to the mall to purchase a single pair of panties (a panty or pantie) at Victoria's Secret, using the gift certificate he and Diane had given me for Christmas. 

There are a few Victoria's Secret stores in the metropolitan area where we live.  Considering my task and how self conscious i felt about doing it, i would have preferred to carry it out at the store located in the mall furthest away from our home and nearer to the airport.  However, Paul was very specific in his instructions, telling me which mall he wanted me to by the panties at.  Even though the mall is about 15 miles from our home in the foothills, i'd be more likely to run into someone i know there than at the other locations. 

Diane also added her own specific requirements to the task this morning.  She wanted me to buy a medium hip hugger style panty, something that had a bit of pink in it and if possible had a Victoria's Secret logo or other type of marking highlighting the VS brand on it. It was a simple instruction but one specifically intended to cause me future humiliation this afternoon.

Diane knows that i prefer panties that hide my male privates.  Skimpy panties like the hip huggers She was insisting upon don't do that very well.  Fuller cut panties, even in a medium size, fit me much better and hide my maleness.  i asked Her if i could at least buy a large size hip hugger and She said no.  "You wear medium sized panties often.  They'll be fine" She said.

i started to mention the bulk of the CB-3000 and Diane just laughed.  "What?  Are you trying to hide your chastity cage from Paul?" She asked with a big grin on Her face.  That just made me feel more self conscious about what i was going to do, and how i was going to look this afternoon.

"There's one more thing" Diane added.  "Take the bed down when you get home, take out the crop, lay it on the bed next to the panties you buy and take a picture for the blog.  Just to make it pornographic okay?"  The last comment being an obvious reference to Google's new Blogger guidelines.  Compared to the other things i had to do, and would likely have to do later in the day, this seem to be the easiest of the tasks.

Purchasing the panty was indeed a bit embarrassing.  i had to wait a few minutes for the store to open, sipping on an overpriced cup of coffee and strolling around the mall.  i found a panty that met Diane and Paul's requirements and brought it to the check out counter where a young woman in her mid twenties waited on me.

"These are really pretty and popular" she said with a smile as i handed her the gift card.  Not knowing what to say i smiled back and said "That's nice to know.  It's just a little surprise for the wife."  i immediately thought how stupid my statement was, especially since i was paying with a gift card that had $250 on it for a panty that was around $8!

"Well I'm sure she'll love it" the girl said, handing me back the receipt, the gift card and the panties in a cute Victoria's Secret bag and adding "looks like you'll be able to buy her plenty more with that card."  i blushed, thanked her and made my way to the parking lot.

So now i wait for Diane and Paul to arrive this afternoon.  With our guests gone, there's plenty of housework for me to catch up on and that will keep me busy.  i'm anxious and nervous again about this afternoon's "cuckold date" of sorts.  i hope it all goes as well as the last one.


sissy terri