Paul's Note, Chastity & Pretty Panties

i received Paul's response to my email accepting his rules which also had the daily chastity report which i send to Diane attached to it.  


I believe you've made the right decision and believe you'll be happy.

I know Diane and I will.  

February chastity % needs improvement.


The short message helped increased my anxiety once again, wondering exactly what he meant by "I know Diane and I will."  Of course they've discussed this before but i wonder just exactly what they have planned to be so confident that they'll enjoy this?  i certainly don't look at this with any guarantees for success, nor do i look at it with gloom and doom either.  i believe it has a good chance to work out, but the confidence i felt when reading the message gave me pause.  As usual, Diane felt i am making too much of it.

The comment on chastity was a bit surprising.  Paul's Rules made it clear that he wanted a copy of the daily chastity report, but he only insisted that I be in chastity when he was around.  Other than those times, it is all up to Diane.  With access to the report, he's going to know how much time i spend in chastity every day and will comment whenever he wants.  In addition, since our (Diane's and mine) orgasms are now included as part of the report, Paul will have access to that information as well.

The time i've spent in chastity this month is low by comparison to January.  It will be even lower after today, since i'll once again be flying cross country.  i've got instructions to get into the chastity belt as soon as i get home, put on a numbered lock, take a picture of it and send it to Diane who won't be back until Saturday.

In some ways i'm disappointed that i didn't fly with my chastity belt.  The risk of going through airport security and having to endure additional scrutiny (much of which i believe would be quite public) isn't something i wanted to go through and Diane thankfully agreed.  While the CB-3000 could pass through the metal detectors with a plastic lock, there's the scanners that could cause a problem. 

Fortunately, i'm able to fly in panties.  "Big boy underwear" (as Diane likes to call it) just doesn't feel natural anymore. 

Unfortunately though, the panties i'll be wearing to fly aren't as pretty as these....

But then again, how many are?


sissy terri