Missing my Cuckolding

It's been more than a week since my cuckold introduction to Paul.  Nine days to be exact.  With all my anxiety, nervousness and preparations leading up to the big day, it was like i was running as fast as i could on a treadmill that just suddenly stopped.  With the arrival of our guests last Thursday things have slowed down quite a bit, at least for me.

Diane has seen Paul a few times, none of which have been situations where they've been able to make love like they do here in our bedroom.  But there's been enough intimacy to make Diane happy, and to keep the cuckolding fire alive.

Despite our guests being around and more golf than usual, i've still managed to maintain a respectable amount of time in chastity.  i'm not in the mid 80% range like i was in January, but i believe once they leave next week i'll be able to end the month at near 80%.  Paul continues to receive the daily Chastity Report and responds with an occasional comment.  His inclusion in this intimate piece of correspondence between Diane and i makes me feel even more submissive.  i sometimes wonder how much more submissive i can become!

Diane informed me last night that i'd probably enjoyed my last orgasm for the month of February.  It was yet another affirmation of my submissiveness.  When She said it, it was a tease meant to arouse me, especially since it was combined with some very tactile affection.  "It's not that bad" She said, "February is such a short month!"  i always loved Her sense of humor.  Perhaps She'll change Her mind and i'll be allowed some pleasure before March comes along.

Our guests leave on Wednesday morning of next week and the plan is for Paul to be here with Diane that afternoon.  Am i anxious about it?  Just a little :)


sissy terri