"Pack Something Pretty"

i wasn't able to watch the Super Bowl yesterday.  Not because of any disciplinary action that Diane imposed upon me or because of some kinky sissy cuckold deprivation measure that Paul might have imposed.  No, nothing like that.  Instead it was a very vanilla reason.

Diane and i were traveling all day to attend to a family related matter this week that happened suddenly.  We're fine and will be headed back home later this week.  So, as the exciting game was being played we were somewhere up in the skies until we landed at our destination well after the game had ended.

"Sissies shouldn't be allowed to watch Super Bowls" Diane teased me while on one of the flights.  "Instead, they should serve at all the parties on Super Bowl Sunday."  She had a point.

Diane's post on Saturday morning shocked me.  It came out of the blue and was an honest reflection of Her disappointment in me.  She was up early and headed to the office to get some things taken care of before we left yesterday.  i was still in bed when She posted on the blog.  Going to the office also gave Her an opportunity to see Paul before we left.

She returned by mid afternoon in a much better mood.  Later, i found out that Her cheery state was at least in part caused by some time spent with Paul.  She made it a point to announce that She'd enjoyed an orgasm (from his effective digital stimulation) when they were together in his office.  "I'll have to start letting you know about the orgasms I have when you're not around if you're going to keep track of them on the chastity report starting tomorrow."  February 1 is the date She wants me to start counting orgasms for each of us on the report.

Diane remained in a better mood for the remainder of the day.  Later that night after we'd taken out the luggage for our trip Diane reminded me to "pack something pretty to sleep in."  She didn't have to remind me, but it was nice to hear Her say it.

With a little more authority, She also made it clear that the CB-3000 would be coming along for the trip.  "Leave it on tonight, take it off tomorrow and put it in the piece of luggage we're checking" She said.

The CB-3000 arrived safely.  It doesn't appear the TSA officials snooped through the luggage either :)

Perhaps they would have been surprised but maybe not.  i'm sure they've seen all types of sexual devices and toys over the years.

However, they couldn't have helped but fall in love with the pretty babydoll pajamas i packed!


sissy terri