Clothes maketh the gurl!

Hello, Candi here - and this has been a long time coming, and way overdue. I'm sorry! Life has been getting in the way, and I've been finding it harder and harder to find time to write for terri's fabulous blog. But things are different now, and I'm hoping to be a more regular contributor.

So, we all know how important clothing is to our special interest, and none more so that the perennial maids dress. I had always been reluctant to indulge myself in this, preferring to cultivate a look that was more mainstream feminine, focussing less on the fetish aspect of it, and more on passing as a 'normal' woman. However, after some discussions and thoughts, my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to take the plunge.

The quality of my female clothing is always of upmost importance to me, and I had a hard time finding an outfit that was both to my liking, and well made. I finally decided on an outfit from Birch Place, which has an amazing selection, all of it made to good standards. The one I chose was the Emmanuelle French Maids outfit, in black satin with white lace trim. The great thing about Birch Place is that they will customize your order to your exact size, so I was able to create something that fitted my corseted form just about perfectly, giving me a nice female shape. It also comes with a full net petticoat, and a cute little apron to complete the ensemble. Lovely!

Well, was I in for a surprise. The garment duly came, and I finally got around to trying it on with full makeup, heels and some lovely European nylon stocking. I had thought that it would be a fun thing, a novelty, but not that much different in feeling from the usual gurl-about-town outfits that I normally wear. Oh, was I wrong.

I dressed, made up and finally looked at myself in the mirror. I could not believe the deep feeling of submission that came over me. It was completely unexpected, extremely powerful and  - Oh! - so very, very wonderful! I loved the way I looked, the way I felt, and the deep effect it had on my psych. I had never felt so feminine, so ready to let go, so ready to serve and dedicate myself to pleasing a Master - or Mistress - than ever before. I was completely stunned by how deep, and how quickly a simple addition to my wardrobe could propel me into a state of submission that I had never felt before.

Since then, I have worn it several more times, and each time, the effect has been the same. I have also worn it as part of a play session with another (dominant) CD. It is hard to describe just how powerful it has been to experience this new set of feelings, and how it has helped me to fall deeper into submission.

It just amazes me how a set of clothes with a specific cut, color and design can have such a powerful effect on the psyche. There is something so profoundly symbolic about the outfit: the short, flared skirt trimmed with lace, the flouncy, full net petticoat, the artfully placed bows as trims, the powerful contrast between black and white, the sheer silky stockings, with garters and stocking tops peeking out below the skirt, and the tall high heels, which have you delicately balanced, and set off your long legs encased in beautiful black nylon. The feeling of the satin, silky against your skin, and the delicate exposure of the short skirt. All combine in an overwhelming visual and tactile experience, pushing you deep into a mindset where your only purpose is to serve. I found it a sublime and deeply moving experience, and I am deeply grateful to terri, who was one of the people persuading me to take the plunge. I am so looking forward to exploring more of the sissy maid experience!

You can see some more pictures of the final result (and some other pics too!) on my Flickr page - here. Clothes most definitely do make the gurl!