Keeping Everybody Happy

Our guests arrived early yesterday afternoon, while both of us were still enjoying the aftermath of a very beautiful afternoon with Paul.  Neither of our pleasures were solely the result of the eroticism of the encounter.  Rather, there were other factors that made us so happy.

For Diane it was the fact that She'd pulled this off and it worked so well.  Her strategy, with all its behind-the-scenes tactics, wasn't without risk, though She'd done Her homework to minimize it.  One such tactic, telling Paul about this blog, seems to have been the key to making this work.

My own pleasure came from knowing, and seeing first hand just how happy and content Diane was.  Sure, there was plenty in it for me, not the least of which was seeing Her happy, but it was evident that this was something She really wanted for Herself.  She wasn't doing it just to keep Her submissive wife happy.  There is something incredibly special when a couple's most intimate fantasies are so closely in sync.

The two of us spent a lot of time talking on Wednesday evening.  Yesterday's post was long enough without going on and on about our discussions.  It's a blog post, not a novel!  Diane reassured me that Paul also enjoyed himself and was looking forward to our next encounter.  i was a little unsure yesterday though.  i sent him a copy of the Daily Chastity Report at which time i also thanked him for Wednesday.  i added that it was helpful for me to see just how happy he made Diane.  i felt both silly and humiliated (two common feelings of mine) telling him that but it just felt right.   

After sending him the report, i expected a response of some kind and was disappointed each time i checked my email and there was nothing from him.  His message didn't arrive until late in the afternoon....


I had my own fun too.  With both of you :)
Looking forward to next time.
Diane was right about you.

Short, but reaffirming what Diane had told me.  Finally, i'm feeling more comfortable.

i showed Diane Paul's note and She just smiled and said "See, I told you.  Now comes the hard part for you.  Keeping the two of us happy!"

On a somewhat related note, i also forgot to mention that earlier last week when i asked Diane about doing some shopping at Victoria's Secret with the gift certificate She and Paul had bought me for Christmas, she told me to "hold off" until She gave me the go ahead.  i asked because i wanted to know if there was anything She wanted me to buy for Wednesday of this week.  So, i still have the gift certificate, waiting for further instructions.


sissy terri