Safe, Sound and Satisfied

Diane arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon a little after 4 o'clock.  Though i'd only been away from Her a couple of days, it felt so much longer.  i was so happy to see Her.  After i pulled up to the curb at the airport to help put Her luggage in the back of our SUV, the first thing She did was kiss me and reach for my crotch to feel for my CB.  The kiss and the groping for my CB were simultaneous.

"You missed a couple of my orgasms on the chastity report" She told me on the way home.

"i did?  When did You have those?" i asked, unaware that She'd actually pleasured Herself over the last two days.

"I had some free time with no one around and took advantage of it.  The last time I was even on the phone with Paul" She said with a big smile as She reached over and put Her hand on my thigh.  "And i missed you too.  Can't way to feel you between my thighs."

There was arousal stirring in my CB-3000.  It didn't hurt now, but i knew it would when i was between Her thighs.  "Feeling" me between her thighs doesn't mean the same thing as it would when another woman would say such a thing to her husband.  She didn't need to clarify it or anything because i knew what She meant.

Since i'm not allowed to penetrate Her, She was obviously referring to my pleasuring Her orally.  My lips and tongue are always welcome between Her thighs, the cheeks of Her beautiful bottom and anywhere else She so desires. 

Diane moved on to a different topic as we drove home.  Yes, i was paying attention to what She said but my mind had flashed back to an email i'd received from Paul earlier Saturday morning.  It was, what i thought at the time, just a short note in response to the Chastity Report i had sent him and Diane just a couple of hours before:


Thanks for the update.  Had a lovely chat with Diane yesterday.  Wished her a safe trip back.

Diane's view
Now i knew just how "lovely" that chat was.  Obviously, he knew how much Diane enjoyed it.  i wonder if he can appreciate the type of perverse enjoyment i was receiving from it as well.

Later in the day, i did find myself between Diane's lovely thighs.  There was plenty of discomfort between my own thighs with all the straining against the restrictive confines of my CB-3000.  Diane had a powerful orgasm, one during which She was far more vocal than usual.  It took awhile for my discomfort to subside and i wasn't allowed any such pleasure for myself.

In the orgasm department i'm still "0 for February."

And Diane is far, far ahead.

"As it should be" She says.


sissy terri