My Pretty Sissy Gurl Friend

Several posts ago, readers here were treated to a beautiful post by my loving (and lovely) sissy gurl friend Candi.  Candi also treated us to a beautiful photo of her modeling her new sissy maids uniform new sissy maids uniform.  She looked absolutely gorgeous.

With guests still hanging around and limiting my time to blog, not to mention putting a crimp in our regular lifestyle, i want to share a picture of another cute sissy friend of mine, Jo Bradford.  Jo's also been a contributor to this blog with a beautiful sketch i used for the post sissy terri meets Paul.  Jo has other beautiful artwork that will be shown here soon...so stay tuned.

But on Sunday, Jo sent me this picture of herself with this cute little snippet:

Just a little photo of me,

Looking the way I'd rather be.

Jo, please take this as a conpliment, and i'm sure my readers would agree....you look like the absolutely perfect sissy!!!!!

And we'd all rather be looking that way :)


sissy terri