Sissy's Big Day

Each year around this time, we host some friends who take a week or so to visit us and enjoy the warmer weather our climate here has to offer.  They're good friends but neither of them knows about our lifestyle so their presence tends to put a bit of a damper on things.  The two of them stay with us much of the time they're here but also do some traveling and touristy things while in the region on their own. 

Both of them are golfers and when they're here i always play a few rounds of golf with them and they'll also play quite a few on their own.  They arrive this coming Friday and we've already set a couple of tee times for next Saturday and Monday.  Their presence here will likely cramp both our styles a bit, but particularly Diane's.  With my cuckolding now totally in the "open" with Paul, their trysts here in our home don't have to be as carefully planned.  As Diane so aptly put it to me last week "Our marital bed is his to use whenever we choose." 

That's very true and i've accepted it.  But with vanilla house guests, it's going to be back to some careful planning and maybe even an alternate venue for their lovemaking.  When i talked to Diane last night on the phone (She returns today from the frigid temps of the Northeast) She was quick to tease me and point out that fortunately "....they don't arrive until Friday, so sissy's big day on Wednesday won't be affected."

i am always shocked and embarrassed at how easily and quickly i get aroused by some sarcastic or teasing little comment that Diane might make.  i don't know if other submissives have the same reaction to things like that, but She no sooner had said "sissy's big day" that i could sense some stirring in my CB-3000 along with some slight blushing even though there was no one around to see it.  Visions of this coming Wednesday when i get to meet Paul when he arrives for an afternoon of sex with Diane.  i remained aroused (and continued fantasizing) through the rest of our conversations.  It also helps that Diane referred to me in the third person.  That's another little quirk that turns me on.  Yes, i am indeed a strange sissy.

Had our guests been arriving a few days earlier, my introduction to Paul as a full cuckold and submissive would be delayed even more than it already has.  The anxiety that i bring upon myself as the big day approaches would have an extra week or two to build up.  Instead, i've only got another four days to go. 

i'm glad it's turning out this way.  i can't stand the wait for "sissy's big day."


sissy terri